‘One Nya Hup’ anime series inspired Cat Donuts are too cute to eat


Fans of the wildly popular anime series One Nya Hup are probably waiting with bated breath for the second half of August. The first volume of the “one Nya hup” Comics are likely to be released on the 25th August. What better than a mug of piping hot coffee and donuts to celebrate the release of a new comic. And when the donut is shaped to resemble the lead character of the comic – that’s just poetry! Check out these adorable donuts, each one of which sports the face of one of the cats (one of which looks like it is trying hard to be Hello Kitty, bow and all).

The One Nya Hup inspired cat donuts will be released for purchase in mid-August 2013. They will sell for a limited period from August 15, at 109 ABENO SBY Shibuya 109, SBY SHIBUYA. Each one of these ‘pets’ will retail for 200 yen (approximately $2).

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