Norwegian poultry company releases line of Princess and Pirate Eggs for “Girls” and “Boys”

It is a marketing ploy as old as time – to sell something that is actually gender neutral as something for “girls” or “boys” based on their color. However, we truly believe this is taking it too far. The people over at Prior, a leading chicken and egg brand in Norway, have just unveiled their new line of eggs called Princess Eggs and Pirate Eggs. As can be guessed, the Princess Eggs are for girls, and hence come in little pink colored boxes with a princess adorning the cover. Similarly, the “boyish” Pirate Eggs come in blue boxes and sport Pirates on the cover. This blatantly obvious marketing ploy hasn’t gone down too well with people, and they have made sure that Prior is made aware of their disgust by leaving a series of angry comments on the company’s Facebook page. Prior claims that they hope this new packaging will encourage kids to eat more eggs. It’s all about their health you see.

The Prior Princess Eggs and Pirate Eggs will hit the Norwegian shelves sometime this fall. Apparently this isn’t Prior’s first weird marketing strategy. They have previously tried to sell eggs laid by hens on special diets. Wonder what those tasted like?

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[Via – Boing-Boing]

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