Who wants a piece of Sushi with QR Codes?


Its important to know what goes into your mouths but how important is very subjective. Do you belong to the over cautious lot who smell everything before they gorge? May be Robert Ruiz, chef of two-unit Harney Sushi in San Diego and Oceanside, California is you man, who has made life and food simpler for you with the help of QR codes. What have you in front now is a plate of delectable sushi with QR codes and all relevant information concerning the piece of sushi sitting right in front of you. How he achieves this is impressive too; with edible ink these QR codes are printed on the rice wafers that he serves with sushi, so if you happen to drop by his restaurant and are carrying a smartphone, you would be able to check the origins of the fish you’re consuming with but a quick scan.

Its a great way to ensure customers come back time and again to your joint as you’re providing them with quality and information about where their food comes from. A lot of restaurants are now adopting the technology and making food responsible and creative.

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