Yummy Tech: Hershey Announces 3D Printer for Chocolates


Chocoholics can thank Hershey’s not just for their chocolates that are to die for, but also for making a dream machine. Hershey has just announced a partnership with 3D systems to produce a 3-D printer that prints in chocolate. Can you imagine how great things would be after this happens? It would be a crazy world full of chocolate everything. William Papa, Head of reach and development at Hershey said,”Whether it’s creating a whole new form of candy or developing a new way to produce it, we embrace new technologies such as 3-D printing as a way to keep moving our timeless confectionery treats into the future”.

3D printing has never sounded so sweet and with just a hit of a button you will get your chocolate fix for the day. No release date or pricing information for this incredible product have yet been announced. Can’t wait to gobble a big chocolate Hello Kitty head!!!

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