A revolutionary USB hub from Buffalo Japan


Oh! The trials we have to face! Remember those times you had to look closely at your USB for an extra 5 seconds to determine which side is up. Apparently, the people at Buffalo Kokuyo Supply Inc. think this is too much trouble! They have developed a USB hub, which allows you to connect your USB cord facing both upwards and down. Many people out there are probably thinking, what’s the big deal? But if you are like me, and basically just rely on a trial and error system of shoving the USB till it goes in, then you will welcome this technology. Buffalo Kokuyo claims that this is the first USB connection of its kind. It works like a regular USB port in all other respects, and is compatible with Window XP, Vista, or 7, as well as the Mac OSX 10.2 and up. This is definitely the technology of the future.

This revolutionary USB hub by Buffalo Kokuyo Supply Inc. will come in blue, black, white, and pink. It will be available by the end of the month, and will cost 1,806 yen each (approximately $23).

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