Barbie Photo Fashion: the Barbie doll camera

Barbie is one enterprising chick! She has held many jobs over the decades, all inspiring little girls to emulate her. I’m sure there has even been a Fashion Photographer Barbie at some point in history. But now she takes it one step further and is actually transformed into a camera herself. This unique doll, named the Barbie Photo Fashion, involves our favorite Barbie with a camera built into her. She is equipped with a 5-megapixel camera between her shoulder blades and a small thumb size LCD in the front for you to preview what you’re looking at before you click. Not bad at all for something that is clearly being marketed to little kids! Your little angel has ample opportunity to play around with her photographs, as this camera features 15 built-in effects. Charging the device and transferring the photos to your computer are taken care of by a discreetly hidden USB port.

The Barbie Photo Fashion can store up to 100 pictures. It is obviously not going to replace any cameras or even the camera phones anytime soon. But I’m sure any Barbie crazy kid would love to have one of these. It will be officially unveiled at the upcoming New York Toy Fair. And at just $50, it will make a perfect birthday gift.

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