BenQ’s FP785+ LCD Monitors have Oriental designs

Very chic designs adorn the BenQ’s FP785+ LCD Monitors; they are one of the most exquisite pieces we have seen. BenQ in partnership with the National Palace Museum in Taiwan has use two of Giuseppe Castiglione’s masterpieces on some of their 17″ LCD monitors. A tribute to the two masterpieces; “Everlasting Verdure of the Immortal Calyx, An Album of Flower Studies” and “Ayusi Scattering Rebels with Upraised Spear”. These limited edition monitors (only 1300 in each design) have a 1280×1024 resolution, a 700:1 contrast ratio, a DVI and VGA connection, and two 2-watt speakers that are built-in.

Lusting after these beauties is useless as there is little hope that they will retail here in the U.S.

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