Celebrity Weight Scale weighs you like one


Hey girls, avoid the agony of getting perturbed with pounds or kilograms when you can compare your weight to historical figures and other celebrity characters? The bathroom scale can be a nerve-racking bit of hardware, especially when you have unleashed yourself over and over at meal times; not considering the damage your fondness can get you into. Angry Associates though have found a way to make stepping onto that scale almost amusing. Instead of using numbers on the dial, the Celebrity Weight Scale actually rolls the names of famous celebs in order from the lightest to the heaviest. It enables you to compare your weight with your favored celebrities, historical figures, and fictional characters. Amongst the names found inside includes Chuck Norries and Goldie Hawn.

At the bottom of the dial comes Baby Jesus, Gizmo, Oliver Twist, Oliver Twist whilst at the top end of the scales is Mr. Ed, Hulk Hogan and King Kong. Pick one up from Angry today for $45 (€35).

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