CES 2009: Soothe you LCD sore eyes with the Gunnar Optiks Glasses


‘Eye red’ syndrome is a common observation which comes from staring at the computer or TV for hours. Not that it is an extant term in the medical world, but it is something that happens to most people almost everyday. Getting a headache, dry eyes and blurred vision are some of the common symptoms of the Digital Eye Fatigue (DEF, and that is a permissible term) or Computer Vision syndrome. Those inflicted by this occurrence can try out a pair from the Gunnar Optiks, which are glasses that aim to soften the blow from looking at the LCD for long hours.

Those who have tried it on have had positive reviews about the glasses and also claim that the glasses do help soothe your eyes to a certain extent, although its effectiveness may vary from person to person. Those who are skeptical to go out of their style parameters need not worry as the yellowish tinted glasses are available in a nice selection of styles.

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  1. Karina Chiodo

     They look cool, and I do wish that there was a link to where we can buy this. In this digital age, a lot would definitely need those because a lot of jobs today require the use of a computer.

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