Deego Toys 8GB USB Pig: Adorably efficient

I’m not sure if everyone out there would agree, but I think pigs are the cutest animals ever. Even if you don’t think so about the real ones, you have to love the cartoon ones – with the big eyes and the button nose! Adorable! If you thought the Pig plug board and USB was cute, you will fall in love with the Deego Toys 8GB USB Pig! A designer pig on the outside, with cutting edge technology on the inside, you can’t go wrong with this creation. It is made out of ABS, a very sturdy heat-resistant plastic; the same stuff used to make Lego toys. To use it, all you have to do is unscrew the pig’s head to reveal the USB connector. Just plug it into your computer and set it to work. It can store up to 8GB of songs, documents, and any other data you could want. The device measures 5 cm / 1.95 inches, just perfect for carrying around in your purse.

The Deego Toys 8GB USB Pig is available for purchase at Curiosite, and retails for just $33. Head over to the site to check out some of their other interesting designs, like the Demon Art Toy, Bullfighter, Flamenco Dancer and Frenchman Flash Drives.

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[Available at Curiosite]

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