Dell XPS 13 is a razor thin Ultrabook

Watch out this year as Ultrabooks flood the market. The Consumer Electronics Show 2012 saw the launch of many such laptops and amongst them, the impressive Dell XPS 13. This special Ultra-book has taken two years to build and it’s now ready for those who require high performance driven laptops. It’s made from carbon fiber material that’s stronger than the normal magnesium alloys used in other computers. Its soft feel helps avoid that cold metal touch. The glass track pad is designed to accommodate the upcoming Windows 8 operating system. An eight hour battery life with 128GB flash memory can be upgraded to 256GB. The battery indicator is visible from the outside. The 13.3 inch screen laptop has 3.0 and 2.0 USB ports, a mini DisplayPort and an Ethernet slot to help you stay connected.

The Intel Rapid Start technology makes sure you don’t waste time when booting the system. An Intel Core i3, Core i5 or Core i7 processor can be integrated with the Intel HD 3000 graphics. Gorilla Glass is used and the total weight is 2.99 pounds. It is 6 millimetres thin and a maximum of 18 millimetres thick. Its priced at $1,000 and will begin shipping in Feburary,2012.
Tim Peters, Dell’s vice president said, “It’s a thoughtful design that doesn’t compromise. We think it’s a defining moment for Dell. We are trying to set the bar is this category. We are not reacting to the Ultra-book spec or copycatting someone else.”

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