Deodorization fan ENK700 from Toto

Plain and simple… this stuff works! When you visit a loo for nature’s call, damage is done! The odor lingers in the affected areas unless treated. Neutralize the odor that YOU consider to be unpleasant with this Toto’s Deodorization fan “ENK700” from Japan. It miraculously prevents offensive odors from reaching deadly levels. The instruction manual says that you can experience its effect within hours of installing it. The works on simple mechanism; the fan absorbs stench and deodorizes it with the active carbon cartridge

The cartridge contains active carbon which will survive up to approximately 3 months. The gadget itself carries a lifespan of about 2 years. The exhaust noise is audibly faint and won’t be a matter of concern. Not only the toilet stench but also stink of some debris lying outside the building can be taken care of with this tiny gadget. Scent is the strongest sense tied to memory–don’t leave a bad impression! Just spend $15 the odor will peter out! The cartridge also can be refilled for a petty sum of $5.

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