E Ink Introduces the ‘World’s Thinnest Watch’


The last thing that we expected at the CES 2013, is a wrist watch! While, we have seen technologically advanced watches in the past like the Bubble Smartphone watch or the Sony Smartphone watch or the iPod Watch, but E Ink has taken a cosmetic way and introduced the ‘World’s Thinnest Watch’. Developed by Central Standard Timing this 0.8mm design is apparently thinner than a credit card. Using E Ink technology for the display, the screen is encased in a single piece of flexible stainless steel – making the whole watch weight no more than 12g. Its micro energy cell battery is rechargeable and can be charged 100,000 times, giving it a life of around 15 years. The CST-01 also uses an embedded Thinergy Micro-Energy Cell that charges in 10 minutes from an external dock.

The E Ink CST-01 is available on Kickstarter. Pre-orders start at $129 and the device is expected to ship in quarter 2 of this year.

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[Available at Kickstarter] Via – Slashgear

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