Eco-Friendly Washing Machine from Fisher & Paykel

Sting recently got slammed for flying alone in a private jet, belonging to the green brigade it was quite a shameful act from his side. Maybe he can atone for his sins if he gets one of these eco-friendly washing machines; looking at his impeccably clean clothes, I’m sure he does his laundry himself! Fisher & Paykel’s Intuitive Eco Washing Machine features sensors that monitor clothing movement, and adjust the wash action and the water level to consume less water and energy. The bowl only fills up just enough water to soak clothes. This concentrated water and detergent solution is re-circulated via a special pump system that lets the washer use only one-third of the hot water used in other models.

During the entire wash cycle, the sensors monitor and adjust the agitator for gentle or more intense movement, impersonating hand washing, and allowing the machine to change the water levels and temperature as required. According to the company, this feature dramatically reduces water usage. The washer’s direct drive motor has no mechanical brake, pulleys, or gears, which means fewer moving parts. Sting and other Green Brigade people may want to go through the instructions in detail as to how you can reuse your wash and rinse water for a second load.
The machine even features an allergy cycle, which is designed to kill dust mites and remove all their waste in a highly concentrated hot wash.