Ergonomic keyboards have still not gained enough popularity

Let’s chat about keyboards for a bit. Over the years, we’ve seen a variety of keyboards. Some are super awesome, some couldn’t be more convenient. However, recently with the advent of netbooks, keyboards have become something of a nightmare. These netbooks have keyboards that are really uncomfortable to type up as they are too small and crammed up. If you check out the natural keyboard line from Microsoft, it seems quite impressive at first glance. They make access to all the parts of the keyboard easy and the keys are nicely separated. This is in theory though, however when you try out the keyboard in actuality, it’s a whole different story. The way the keyboard is separated is really inconvenient. So the line hasn’t gained in popularity.

And small keyboards are only a problem with small laptops. But larger laptops don’t have this problem and typing is comfortable. And if you own a desktop, you can easily find yourself a nice standard full-size keyboard. This is the main reason that so far ergonomic keyboards haven’t been high on people’s priority lists. Inconvenience and easy availability of other keyboards has kept them from becoming bestsellers.

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