Foldway Massage Chair relaxes and refreshes

After a stressful and tiring day, a nice massage sounds so inviting. But obviously, we can’t go rushing to spas everyday. That’s why the Foldaway Massage Chair almost seems like a saviour. It gives you an invigorating leg and foot massage and folds to the size of a small ottoman. How convenient is that for saving space. The air cells along the sides of the footwells inflate and deflate to deliver a kneading and compression massage that relieves sore, tight muscles in the calves and ankles. There are finger-like nodes that provide a deep-penetrating acupressure massage on the toes, arches, and soles of the feet. You will find that air cells in the seat expand and contract to soothe pressure points in the lower back and buttocks and provide gentle stretching of the hips and waist. A Japanese Shiatsu specialist has developed four 15 minute massage programs for the chair. You are also given the option to focus the massage on a specific area and adjust the massage intensity using the footwell’s control panel. If this tempts you, you can buy it here for $800.