Girl-Tech Voice Protected Journal for ultimate privacy

If you are always worried about your nasty brother reading your dark secrets lying in your personal diary, then the Voice Protected password Journal is an angel in distress. The journal uses the owner’s voice as password to permit the user to open this journal. So let your brother struggle with his voice manipulation skills while you can just sit and laugh aloud. For the nocturnal gals, the journal features a light for night-time reading and writing. If someone tries to fiddle with it, it also has an intruder alert which screeches a high pitched sound along with releasing some sort of skin irritant.

thumb_2008_image2_password-journal-2.jpg The Voice protected password journal comes in rather nice fold and is priced at $36.33(approx).
Via- ShinyShinyGizmodo

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  1. Julie tudisco

    My daughter forgot her voice password. Can someone please tell me how to open the journal without the password? Thanks!

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