Hello Kitty USB MP3/CD Stereo system


I swear by not liking hello kitty…that for sure is an understatement but what the heck this ain’t about me its about the other million gals who go weak in their knees at the very sight of it ( I wonder why?). But before I criticize it further there are two things that I have surprisingly liked about this player. Not only is it in good shape this time, it is also very subtle in the colors. Though the trademark pink prevails it doesn’t hit your face like a comet. It’s a complete set to play your favorite music. It plays MP3s as well as CDs.

Hello Kitty USB MP3/CD Stereo system measures 18 1/2×12 1/4×10 inches and costs a staggering $369.99 with shipping weight 15.55 pounds.

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