IM-5 launcher for complete personal safety

Many issues worry me! Violent crime continues to devastate the lives of millions of United States citizens every year, as well as billions of people worldwide. Of course, avoidance works better than anything. One can best protect themselves by not getting into situations where they need to fight back. But when situations demands on one to be out at wee hours or strangely lonely places then protection is needed. And I’m not suggesting for a handsome, hunk body guard (which all of you would dream of). Be practical dear, I’m talking about this latest IM-5 launcher from Avurt. This non-lethal personal protection device comes with PAVA filled projectiles that break open on impact and release a cloud of potent PAVA powder. This causes an assailant to cough, choke and become temporarily blinded and debilitated. Almost the size of a flashlight, the IM-5 launcher can fit comfortably in your purse, pocket or even your desk drawer making it absolutely handy. And you don’t need to be a professional shooter to aim at your target. Just shine the built-in laser light on your attacker and pull the trigger.

Update – take a look at these videos (after the jump) to get a better hang of this nifty weapon

And since self-safety is the most important factor of well-being, $300 for this IM-5 is worth every worry. The maker also invites you to the “Living in 360” IM-5 self-defense and awareness training class to learn about the IM-5 launcher and simple self defense techniques that will beef up your spirits. Check out the video on their site.
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