Invisible wall fan by Michael Samoriz replicates wall-tiles

A fan in your living space can at times steal it of all its aesthetic beauty. The Invisible wall mounted fan design by Michael Samoriz that we came across recently however, beautifully blends into the environment, without the rotor blades showing whatsoever. Complete with an LED light that outlines the fan, this one’s well hidden and serves well in tiled rooms, particularly bathrooms and the like. The air is drawn into the fan from side slots that open up when the fan is switched on. When switched off, the fan sinks back into the surface of your wall and ends up looking like a regular wall tile!


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  1. Staci Severns

    This invisible wall fan is another innovation that can change how one would view wall and ceiling fans. It would make for an interesting piece in a room. The people would be made comfortable, but they would also be left wondering how there’s a comfy breeze in a room. BTW, this looks like a flat screen TV. I like the idea. :-)

  2. Arriane Kennedy

    Now that’s more like, I wonder how much it cost. I’m pretty sure this invention has a hefty price tag, at the first glance it really looks like a tile with a green line.

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