iPieces engages you with games on your iPad


Carrying boardgames everywhere is a bulky and tedious affair. There has got to be another option of keeping your cousins busy or your own self while commuting to work. You might be interested in the iPieces which are small tools that make some good use of your iPad’s sensitive touchscreen and lets you play some of the most popular boardgames like Snakes & Ladders and Air Hockey. You simply choose from a set of counters or fishing rods that hook up with interactive free iPad app that enable colorful graphics, noises and other things.

Now your tool (iPad) is going to be shifting from the hands of all your little relatives and they won’t get enough of it! Just make sure you don’t keep the iPieces anywhere close to toddlers, for they could use them like their chewsticks. You could buy your set from Play.com and Amazon but if you don’t want to wait till then, you could directly pick it up from WHSmith’s Travel section right away.

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