Jamy Toaster prints the weather forecast on your toast


Gone are the days when you need the TV or an app to indicate you how to dress for the weather. Now, you can, pop some bread from the Jamy Toaster, which will print the weather forecast on your daily bread. Designed by a French designer Nathan Brunstein, this super cute little kitchen gadget has a built in barometer and thermometer, and when you are finished reading the weather, you just eat it. A slice of bread is placed into the toaster and pops out with a burnt tattoo of the temperature and a picture to simulate the conditions.

The Jamy Toaster by Nathan Brunstein is a concept product. We hope that this nutritious and informative concept kick-starts soon.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ultra awesome 😀 Just give me the kickstarter url so that I can bake this!

  2. Jax says:

    But it’s only a concept – not an actual Toaster? Someone is the UK has actually made one.