Katy Perry collaborates with EA on Sims 3 Collector’s Edition


Fans of The Sims, get ready to play host to a famous face, who will be joining your world very soon. Katy Perry, a long time fan of the wildly popular life simulation game by EA, and now gets to take her love of the game to the next level. She previously released a song in Simlish in the 2nd edition of the game, which became one of the most successful Sims videos. And now, Sims 3 will include the special ‘Katy Perry Collector’s Edition’. It will comprise of Katy Perry themed in-game content and virtual goods including accessories, clothing, hairstyles, furniture and props.Collectors will get Katy Perry themed hairstyle, fashions, guitar, fruit-themed stage props and an exclusive poster. She will also feature in all the retail marketing, online communication and television advertising campaigns of the brand.

The Sims 3 Showtime Katy Perry Collector’s Edition expansion pack will be available from March 2012. It will allow players to rise to stardom by making their Sims “singers, acrobats and magicians, or even moonlight as a DJ.”