Keep your hands warm and happy with USBGeek’s mouse pad

Taking a trip to Alaska? Or maybe just preparing yourself early for the winter? Then I have a perfect little gadget for you. USBGeek’s mouse pad comes with an integrated hand warmer. Sound’s pretty darn cool huh? I remember there have been so many cold nights when I’ve wished that I had something other than my overly heated laptop to keep my hands warm. This mouse pad is warmed by the power of universal serial bus, and the temperature rise up to 107.6 degrees. I’m hoping this will not induce third degree burns like my laptop tends to.

USBGeek’s mouse pad looks all soft and squishy in the shape of a fish. I thought a shape of the sun or something would be more apt as it would add to the feeling of warmth. Anyway, the mouse pad looks just about right to slide your hand in.

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