Kodak Easyshare M580 digital camera is perfect for novices

Some people simply cannot understand gadgets. They are anything but technology friendly. It’s like their brain freezes when you hand them any little gizmo, no matter how simple. I think that’s the kind of people that will benefit with Kodak’s Easyshare M580 digital camera. This nifty little camera features a 14MP sensor and uses a 28mm wide-angle lens with 8x optical zoom. Also, the lens has image stabilization tech for clear images and the camera can record 720p HD video. The camera is especially made to make it extremely easy to share pictures and videos on YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, and other sites as well as email. It has face detection that can automatically recognize and tag up to 20 faces that makes sharing a completely breeze. You can pre-order the camera for $200, but it will only ship on April 23. It looks really nice in the metallic pink. If you like easy and pretty cameras, try the Hello Kitty Camera.