Lernstift Pen Vibrates When User Makes A Mistake


A pen is not only mightier, but now smarter too! The Lernstift Pen is a great educational tool, as it will actually vibrate whenever the user makes a mistake. The Pen is able to detect mistakes through sophisticated technology that recognizes all writing movements. The Lernstift Pen has two modes. The Calligraphy Mode points out flaws in form and legibility while the Orthography Mode’ monitors spelling and grammatical errors. Lernstift features sophisticated tech that recognizes all writing movements and lets you know when you’ve made a mistake with a subtle yet unmistakable vibration.

Created with school situations in mind, the Lernstift Pen encourages autonomous learning. It’s Salzburg-based maker plans to launch a crowdfunding effort starting in February. For more information, switch to Lernstift

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