LG is developing a water-free washing machine!


The most amazing home appliance invention is a washing machine. Over the years this wonderful device has transformed from front loading machine to now Wifi enabled or transparent ones. However, I never thought in the wildest dreams about a washing machine that does not require water! After launching the Smartphone-controlled LG smart refrigerator plans your meals for you, LG is now creating a water-free washing machine. Known as the LG Styler, this new machine uses a hot air technology that will scrub the dirt of your shirts using steam and other secret magic the company has yet to reveal. The Styler can refresh and deodorize multiple fabrics, from shirts, sweaters and ties, to suits and thick winter coats, so they stay wearable longer, limiting sometimes expensive dry-cleaning without using water or detergent. With the Moving Hanger feature the LG Styler will give your clothes a gentle shake to remove wrinkles, odors, and dust. If you’re not liking the way your clothes smell, the Styler can also spray select aromatic scents to mask the musk.

The LG Styler washing machine is a revolutionary product that will please all moms! Sadly, there are currently no release dates or price information are available. However, we think it can be an ultimate Mother’s Day purchase!

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[Via – Ubergizmo]

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