Looxcie 3 Wearable Camera posts live streams to your Facebook wall!


Social media has taken over our social life. If it is important for you to post every little detail on Facebook, Looxcie has launched its new version of wearable camera, that posts live streams to your Facebook wall. It’s the latest in a series of “lifelogging” devices that capture your life as it passes buy. A concept similar to Momento, WiFi enabled Looxcie 3 lets you stream live video directly to those who are interested in checking you out at that moment – on your Facebook wall, or using the Looxcie Facebook App. The new design instead puts the Looxcie on a shirt, necklace or backpack with a wider angle lens, with a 100 degree field of view, and comes in a number of colors as well as a waterproof option for the adventurous.

The Looxcie 3 records up to 720p, has a 2-hour battery life, and has expandable microSD video storage up to 64GB. It’s available now for $99.99.

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