Mind-blowing: Swarovski Crystal Bling pistol hair dryer


Look who is literally back with a bang (pun intended)…the Swarovski Crystal Bling pistol hair dryer. I bet you have never seen anything this gorgeous at least when it comes to hair dryers. It is done by IcyIcyBlingCouture on Etsy and they can please your bling loving brains with more such fabulous work. They also Adorable handmade Japanese deco den Bling Bling Phone Cases. The designs are unique and crystals are securely attached with specialized deco glue. So don’t worry about the crystals starting to fall off after a couple of uses.

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The Swarovski Crystal Bling pistol hair dryer can be bought here for $299.99 only. If there are other items that you want to crystallize, get in touch with IcyIcyBlingCouture on Etsy.

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