“Mobile Music Touch” glove for the aspiring pianists


Want your son or daughter to be the next big pianist of their generation? Well, here is something that promises to be the best aid to help you achieve this dream. Known as the “Mobile Music Touch” it has been created by The Georgia Tech Center For Music Technology. Probably the second best option to Piano lessons, it will make sure your little one always hits the right keys. Essentially a glove, it houses a motor in each finger, which vibrates when that finger needs to play a note. It only works with a few songs at the moment with special software, but the makers think they can adapt it to work with MP3 players. It’s intended as a therapeutic tool for patients undergoing rehabilitation, but studies revealed that learners with the glove learned new songs faster than those without. So as long as you are ready to resign the fate of your child’s fingers in the hands of this robotic glove, this machine is awesome.A great device, it does hold a promise for many aspiring pianists.

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