NEC Kimi Kiss pure rouge LaVie G L type laptops

Kimi Kiss is an anime that revolves around three characters Sanada Koichi, Aihara Kazuki, and Mizusawa Mao and their affection for each other since they were childhood friends. The three friends (Mao is a girl) help each other deal with the ups and downs of high school romance. Right in time for spring, NEC Japan has launched LaVie G L type Standard Kimi pure rouge kiss imprinted model. Available in a three yum pastel shades of blueberry, sugar pin (pink) and leaf green, you can choose from any of the three characters on its frontage. Coming with fixed specs, you also have the option to get the specs customized for this edition.

For example, the CPU model NEC Direct Mobile Sempron 3600 + (2GHz), 512 MB of memory, AMD M690V chipset (integrated video), 80 GB HDD, combo CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive, 1280 × 800 dot display (WXGA) 15.4-inch wide LCD response, OS and Windows Vista Home Basic to select specifications can be ordered for 90,783 yen ($875). It also packs Interface, ExpressCard/54 × 1, × Type2 PC Card slot 1, SD Card / Memory Stick (PRO) / xD Picture Card-compatible slot, USB 2.0 × 4, IEEE 1394, mini D-Sub15 pin, Gigabit Ethernet, audio input and output ports.
Measuring 360 × 267.5 × 38mm (width × × depth height) and weighing approximately 3 kg, the NEC Direct offers will last up to March 27th.