Nintendo DSi XL to be seen in three new colors…only in Japan!!!

Nintendo is shortly releasing its latest colours of the DSi XL. That’s great news for yellow, blue and green loving people who also have great affection for Nintendo DSi XL. It reminds me of this cute yellow Gameboy I once owned and treasured. As per hearsay, these are only being revealed to the Japanese markets and not the rest of the world which houses awesome Nintendo –loving people like us.

Moreover the prices of DSi XL has been slashed from USD$220 to USD$195 in Japan. Now I really wish I lived in Japan as all good things always happen there first!

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  1. Asher

    I’m getting a DSI XL in yellow on Argos. iT’s pre owned but that only means someone else has brought it and looked and it or something then sent it back. it will have no scraches or marks or anything. they make sure its in perfect condition. so remember


    I am going to get it only if I get good grades in my tests. BUT still im happy

  2. Josh

    cool. i have a nintendo dsi in red and a ds in pink i havent had a dsi xl b4 because i hav dsi and ds so my mom says no all the time but still the games r awesome i love mario.

    p.s never touch the game if ur eating becuz if food gets stuck in that thing the gold thing, then you can never use it again unless u clean it so badly

  3. Preowz


    heyy preowned is fine because its in perfect condition so yeah i also agree its better than 2nd hand so u shud get preowned eveeyone because i guess its better than 2nd hand and wen u go on ebay its 2ND hand but it costs like 150 wich isnt worth it so PREOWN ON ARGOS OR AMAZON ETC.

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