Oregon Scientific Diamond Weather Station promises unique weather and time display


We girls love anything that glitters and shines. So it is no wonder that manufacturers produce gadgets that are adorned with our favorite gems and stones that add a touch of sparkle to the otherwise dull devices. And now thanks to Oregon Scientific you can expect some glittering weather forecasts as well. Known as the Diamond Weather Station it is integrated with dazzling Swarovski crystal elements! The Swarovski crystals shape into common weather images depending on the weather outside. The unique symbols include a red sun for a sunny day, blue cloud for a cloudy day and green raindrops for rain.

Just wave your hand and this unique station will display the weather as well as the current time. The other unique device in this range is the Auto-Rotate Wooden Projection Clock. Enclosed in a wooden frame, this clock displays the time in either horizontal or vertical, while the projection feature makes the time and temperature beam on the wall or ceiling. This watch too displays the indoor temperature and gives 12 to 24 hour iconic weather forecasts. Funky and extremely stylish, these clocks are a must have for all.
The crystal integrated Diamond Weather Station is priced at $140 while the Auto-Rotate Wooden Projection Clock is priced at $130. Pick the one that suits your style and enjoy waking up with these unique timepieces.

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