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Lumus launches DK-40 Glasses with True AR

Google Glasses competitor has arrived. The new Lumus DK-40 Glasses is a reasonable twist to the hi-tech glass technology. The Lumus DK-40, an Android-powered headset, which features a 640 x 480-pixel display,..

Speaker and Subwoofer Equipped Cover for iPad Air

Say Hello to the most amazing iPad cover ever! Atoll’s line of soundPad iPad speaker-covers that is compatible with Apple’s latest 9.7-inch tablet, promises to pack a serious audio punch. SoundPad looks..

LEGO My Watch is for geeky adults

So, you cannot get enough of LEGO in your life? Besides building your Lego Empire on your nails…I mean an iPad, you can now sport a LEGO watch to flaunt your love..

Foaster: The toaster for your iPhone

I am a huge fan of illusory gadgets; you know, gadgets that look like one thing but actually do something entirely different. Introducing the adorable foaster – the toaster shaped iDevice dock!..

Neptune Pine Smartwatch will Impress All

Smartwatches have been around for a while, they all have something to boast about, something new and innovative but here is an alarming news for all those Smartwatches. Neptune Pine Smartwatch apparently..