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Handcandy Earphones are a fashionable accessory

Fashion conscious women love to add a feminine twist to their gadgets. Whether its iPhone cases or earphones, we love a colorful companion. From Jewellery-Inspired Headphones to Fit Clips Fitting Headphones for..

Sol: The Ubuntu-running solar powered laptop

Can’t live without your laptop? Not even for a couple of days when you are out trekking on the mountains. Thank god for the new Ubuntu-running Sol, the solar powered laptop by..

Stick your iPad anywhere with the MagBak Mount

The world’s thinnest mount for the Apple iPad, MagBak Mount is here for your convenience. The easy iPad mount will allow users to mount their device to most metal surfaces without adding..

New Deck Speaker by Motorola and Sol Republic

Look who’s joining hands? And look who’s benefiting! Motorola has teamed up with Sol Republic to create a new Bluetooth speaker called the Deck and we the benefited lot are all smiles…