Philips Simplicity Event 2006 showcases conceptual models

Philips showed off its latest free-thinking ideas for its annual ‘concepts’ show at the ExCel Centre in London’s docklands this week. The venue changes every year, and so do the ideas in Philips’ design labs, which can vary from the outlandish to the comparatively mundane…… some of which may or may not see the light of day. This year the ideas were very much rooted in real-world concepts, with a lot of emphasis on healthy living (an exploding industry, especially in the US), as well as a lot of experimentation with the kind of mood lighting we’ve already seen with Philips’ Ambilight TV concept. Among our favorites that we’ve spotted is the new Drag Draw, a new light-emitting pen that will let you make crazy illustrations on any surface, so you can unleash that fantasy of scrawling up your bedroom wall without doing any everlasting damage.

Second on the list that caught our fancy is The Ambient Experience Catheterization Lab. Ambi Cat Lab reckons that hospital examining rooms are cold and impersonal, and could be greatly improved by ambient lighting and groovy patterns on the ceiling. Next is this Family Photo Album, a digital photo frame. Yeah, Phillips already has a very high-quality one, but this one automatically turns the pic when you turn the frame, allows you to send pics directly from the device via email, has a touch sensitive screen that allows you to sort your pics and expands pics across two or more frames. This one just couldn’t miss our eye as we all die to look beautiful and young forever. The Philips’ looking-good’ system is a facial skin care revolution. Philips reckons light treatments that reduce skin aging and can form a part of the beauty regimes of the future. The concept involves the use of a base, a skin analyze, a bowl and a cleansing stick which actually diagnoses the state of your skin. Once the stick has analyzed the skin, it assesses the treatment required. Light techniques enable blue lights to heal breakouts, whilst the bowl itself omits red light that rejuvenates and nourishes tired skin. No word on if we’ll ever actually see any of these, but if Philips wanted to oblige us than we’d definitely like to benefit from ‘look good’ concept!

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