Pig plug board and USB hubs by We Play God


Pigs are cute. Especially when they aren’t rolling over dirt or oinking around the place. They are chubby, fat and pink and the folks at We Play God felt so too. Someone must have been idling time thinking of ideas when his or her eyes must have fallen upon a boring white plug board. Probably at this point, there must have been a colleague practicing the art of gluttony – eating like a pig, in other words. And voila! Adding one and one you get the very unique Pig Plug Board. If you turn over this peaceful pink pig, you will have plug slots which when not used, can be covered with baby pig plugs. The range doesn’t end there. There is also the Pig Buddies USB hub – this is unbelievably cute. You have one more peaceful mother hub with USB-nozzled piglets to attach. So, pig into your savings and get this cute Pig set. Be unique!

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  1. vipul says:

    where can i buy them ?

  2. I have googled until my fingers were sore, where can they be purchased??????

    1. Jackson00 says:

      http://www.officechums.com They are so damn CUTE!

  3. I looked up the company .. weplaygod.com  and found that this product is not yet released for sale. It directed me to the Officechums.com site where I can only assume they will be sold when ready.

  4. Not yet available. blast it.

  5. Cmf says:

    How do I buy this?!?!?

  6. Candice says:

    Where can I buy the Pig Buddy?

  7. Jackson00 says:

    I found them! http://www.officechums.com They have cats and dogs to pre order too <3!