Portable Breast Cancer Detector cuts short visits to the doctor


Getting an appointment with a good doctor isn’t easy these days. If it’s a Cancer patient living in remote areas, its even more dangerous as the delay in detection can cause serious repercussions. Nihon University has developed a portable unit that can be taken to those without access to a hospital. The technology that they have incorporated is the phase shift method which allows the handheld device to emit light at the wave length of 850nm on an area, which is then bounced back and measured. The area that is darker in color than the rest of the part can be tipped as cancerous as this part would have absorbed greater concentration of blood cells which will more light instead of reflecting it back.

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Even the mammography method used here is simple, that of pressing the detector against the skin and the results being displayed on the LCD immediately. As of now there is no word on the availability of this device, but the university is at its testing phase, so we can speculate that it would available soon enough to benefit humanity.