Rose Party Surprise for a rose petal shower

I’m planning a surprise yet romantic birthday party for my husband (just the two of us) scheduled next week. Am trying to hunt for some innovative yet stylish ideas to impress him! He is a bit of sober kinds so I’m sure nothing cheap or puckish will make an impact him. But I’m sure this ROSE PARTY SURPRISE will add that extra zest and a fairytale effect on my romantic dinner plan. Just twist the ring near the base and it goes off with a boom! It is a handheld cannon popper filled with fragrant rose petals, and will shoot the rose petals up to 10 meter, and fall down smoothly. Can’t wait till he’ll walk through the door!

One of the latest products from Bimbambanana, this Rose Party Surprise retails for $41 only. Not at all pricey for some one special!

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