Samsung presents Video robot with built in camera

A vacuum cleaner takes on a whole new meaning when it is a video robot Incorporated with a cleaning bot. This is what Samsung has to offer in the VC-RL87W. It’s a vacuum robot zips around taking care of all your mess. The room is bound to be all shiny and new after the cleaning bot is through. It is different from the usually vacuum robots as it has a video camera on it. It is capable of sending footage over to a smartphone or computer, so that you can remotely control it. This allows us to be lazier than ever. The bot comes with a handy mic that lets you talk to people while using the cleaner. It’s turbo mode and edge cleaning mode are very convenient. Cleaning is no longer a chore with this baby!


  1. Hagstwy says:

    this new robot is the most incredible stuff I’ve ever seen.