Siemens Media Range Hood, an entertaining kitchen gizmo

Until now, a hood was to be functional and to be integrated harmoniously and discreetly above the space of cooking. Well, if you are a TV addict, here is some good news for you. With Siemens Media Range Hood, all you have to do is pull up a chair, sit down and enjoy some TV, and then literally just look down every now and then to see when you need to stir it. The Siemens LC8M950 is exactly as the product name describes, a range fan hood with an integrated TV. Siemens has now embedded a 17-inch LCD into a range hood. If that’s not enough, it’s got a DVD and CD player in there, too. A refrigerator with a TV was cool, but the Siemens Media Range Hood is hot!

! Very quiet, emitting only 40 decibels while in operation, this hood lets you listen to a music or watch a movie or check your favorite internet site in the kitchen. You don’t need separate TV sets, radio, laptops, etc. Siemens high density metal filter ensures high quality of filtration. At present the Siemens media range hood isn’t readily available in North America, but if you want to buy one, the price is around €2,000 or $2,522.