Snuggle up with Chumby

Chumby sounds like a name you’d like to christen your pet with! It’s actually your bed-side ‘pet’- clock radio, PDA, cell phone, laptop computer, picture frame…..and may be much more. Though it doesn’t look like either of these, it virtually functions like all of them. Soft and squishy you can communicate with it by tapping it or grabbing it. Best bit is that you can sew on patches, attach enameled pins, bury it in glue and glitter; whatever you want to do to personalize it. The chumby is designed to let you stay connected to your Internet life in locations where it might be fun and convenient.

Inside this little furry box is a 266 MHz CPU, 32MB SDRAM, 64MB Flash RAM, 320 x 240 3-inch screen, two USB ports, 2W speakers, and WiFi. Essentially, it does everything that your regular computer does (except smaller and a little slower). It is totally hackable. In fact Chumby was “made to break some new ground in user freedom.” Grab one of them and make this world a Chumbier place to live in. Keeping our colorful interests in mind, our instincts say that soon they will also launch colored versions of Chumby.

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