Sony unveils Cyber-shot TX200V, WX50 and WX70 cameras

It’s been a while since we saw a release from Sony’s Cyber shot range. Sony had recently released the TX200V, WX50 and WX70 cameras that are touched up with the newer Exmor R CMOS sensors that help them shoot more effectively in low light. The TX200V that qualifies as the thinnest out of the three, has a dense 18.2 MP sensor that is capable of minimizing noise and focuses in a dark scene in 0.25 seconds and takes half of that time for bright lighting. It also happens to be Sony’s first non-interchangeable lens camera to shoot 1080p at 60 frames per second and uses a 3.3 inch OLED touchscreen as its primary input. The lens are a 5X, 26-130mm equivalent lens with internal zoom action with waterproofing at depths of 16 ft. The WX50 and WX70 on the other hand sport a 16.2 MP sensor and 1080i shooting at 60FPS and a slightly wider angle of 25-125mm lens that are ready to capture 12 MP photos in a middle of a video shoot.

Both the WX50 and WX70 cameras sport a slight difference, that of 2.7 inch LCD and 3 inch LCD touchscreen display respectively. The three cameras are set to ship in May, with the TX200V carrying a $500 price tag, while the WX50 and WX70 cost $200 and 230 respectively.


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