Tacook cooks rice and soup simultaneously


Japan having rice as their staple diet, are very fussy about its texture, and so, require special rice cookers to do their job. It is very much unlike the mix-pot Risotto that we cook in and around the western parts. A perfect texture of the rice is achieved through a good rice cooker that provides a delicate range of steam, heat, and pressure. Tiger Corporation has introduced one such rice cooker called Tacook that has two separate pots that form a tight seal with each other. Their website even claims that you could bake a cake in the cooker! I certainly don’t have a good feeling about that!

The only issue with the Tacook rice cooker is that it is not capable of cooking large quantities suitable for an average family. Thus, a gadget like this would be suitable for a stag or spinster, until they decide to start a family.

[Via En-RocketNews]

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