Take the Fortune Cookie Maker for a whiff of a pleasant future


I’ve met many so-called ‘practical’ and ‘modern thinkers’ who’re obsessed with fortune cookies, making an exception of their ideals for cracking open that cookie and reading the message! And there are the others who are self-proclaimed superstition staggers who like to store a tin full of these things, so they could offer it to guests when they arrive at their abodes. The Fortune Cookie Makers comes in handy for both these categories of people. The machine bakes uniquely designed fortune cookie shapes that you’re going to love to break open.

The Fortune Cookie Maker creates 2 delicious fortune cookies in very less time. The gadget has a power on/off button. It also includes Fortune Molder and Fork for easy removal. Non-stick plates also help easy clean-up. The machine will set you back $30.

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