Talking Dashboard Homer is hilarious

You might have laughed your butt off on Homer’s comments on TV. But now it’s time to bring him on to the “small screen”, that’s in front of your Car front panel. The great Dashboard Homer, in true Simpson style, yells out a series of comments in response to your driving after which you might consider to alter your style of driving a little bit. He’s there with a ready comment every time you pull over abruptly or take a sharp turn. All of the comments are in the true character voice, so you’ll be entertained for hours and miles and release the stress from office. Roll over for some entertaining comments.

“Yeah yeah, quit your waving. I’ll move through the intersection when I’m good and ready.Officer” or “What is it? National Stupid Driver’s day?” “Your child might be an honors student, but you’re a moron” and many more of these on touch of a button. Homer seems to be doing one useful thing out side the TV serial. This Talking Dashboard Homer sells for $16.