The AutoStir from Quirky will ensure there are no cold spots in your nuked soup

While microwaves are the biggest gifts of modern times, we all have faced the curse of
the uneven heat. So many times, our soup is boiling on the outside, but ice cold towards
the middle. The only solution seems to be to stand and stir it every minute; but who
has the time! The AutoStir self-stirring microwave dish is a rather elegant solution.
Basically, the AutoStir lid has paddles on the inside and a suction cup extension on the
outside. The suction cup is supposed to be attached to the roof of the microwave. When
you switch it on, and the plate starts rotating, the suction cup serves as a brace for the
lid, while the rotation forces the interior paddles to circulate. It is brilliant, yet simple.
You don’t have to pull your soup out a million times to get even heating.

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The AutoStir is currently only an idea on the innovative site Quirky. It is a website which
encourages everybody to submit their unique ideas, and if it seems interesting, they will
manufacture it. If you want to see the AutoStir come to life, you need to visit the Market
Research section on their website and offer your reviews and ideas. If they receive
enough positive feedback, they might actually make it. Fingers crossed!


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