The Biscuit Digital Camera from Fuuvi is small enough to be used as a keychain

Don’t you wish that that image of your friend with a noodle stuck up her nose, or dancing on top of the table wasn’t just a memory in your head? Wouldn’t you love to be able to capture all the smallest moments in life, but never seem to have a camera right then? With the Biscuit Digital Camera from Fuuvi, you never have to be separated from a camera ever again. It is so small that you can just tuck it in your wallet, or actually use it as a keychain as the makers have very thoughtfully included a built-in chain and key ring. It is only 1.63 x 2.29 x 2.34 inches, and designed to look like a biscuit. It comes in three colors (flavors!) – regular, chocolate, and strawberry. It comes equipped with an internal memory with space for up to 25 VGA pictures or 100 QVGA images, and up to 17 seconds of silent AVI videos. It comes with a USB cord and CD for Windows OS, requires 1 AAA Battery, not included.

The Biscuit Digital Camera from Fuuvi is available for purchase from many different online retailers, and the cost varies from $40 to $65 dollars, depending on the VAT and shipment rates.

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[Available at Curiosite]

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