The Double Barrel Marshmallow Shooter: Confectionary warfare

Living in the same house with your annoying little brothers and sisters can be quite a pain, and sometimes a little warfare is called for. The Double Barrel Marshmallow Shooter lets you get out all of your rage by actually shooting at your “adversary,” without having to deal with the inconvenience of splattered brains or broken limbs. This sugary weapon holds two magazines of 25 mini marshmallows. It is capable of a 30-foot range, owing to the superior pump-action firing system, which gives your flying marshmallows lightning speed and power. What’s more, the gun is dishwasher safe and easy to cleanup, which means all the marshmallows are still snackable right from the gun. Gather all your co-workers for a fun Catch-the-marshmallow-in-your-hot-chocolate game during lunch break, and you will be a hero in your office.

The Double Barrel Marshmallow Shooter measures 20″ x 2.75″ x 5″ in size. It retails for $35 (marshmallows not included of course!).

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