The Eggsterminator Egg Cup: Die Dalek Die!

How do you like your eggs in the morning? Fried, poached, or maybe just boiled. However, boiled eggs don’t have to be “boring old boiled anymore”. Do your part in saving the world every morning with the new Eggsterminator Egg Cup. These cleverly designed dark gray ceramic egg cups are shaped to look like the lower half of the dastardly Daleks from the classic Dr. Who series. Just put your boiled egg on it, and watch it transform into your mast-hated villains. However, don’t worry; these Daleks will never hurt you. In fact, every morning you get the ultimate pleasure of lopping off one of their “heads.” Just one precise swift move of your weapon (a spoon), and you are one step closer to destroying the whole army. Muhahaha!

This unique Eggsterminator Egg Cup is a great gift for all those Dr. Who fans out there. You can convert every boring breakfast into fun playtime with just a little imagination. This egg cup will cost you approximately $ 8.

[Available at Prezzy Box]